Create Your Story

Can you imagine how thrilled you would be to hear past generations telling tales of their lives in their own voices? With Captured Memories Live, generations to come will be able to listen to your voice and hear your story. Future generations will want to know everything about you because your daily life will seem somehow strange and exotic. Only you can tell the real story because your personal feelings and observations matter. This is your story and a way to preserve your memories.

Here are a few suggestions for framing your story. The following questions are only a guideline to help you recall your memories, and choose the stories you want to share. Together we will write your story to take your listener back in time. If you have pictures from your childhood, you will want to review those pictures because they too evoke memories. The story is yours!

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When and where were you born?
Who were your parents?
How would you describe your childhood?
Do you have siblings and if so who are they and when were they born? What are their names?
What do you remember most about growing up?
Did you move frequently?
What are your happiest memories as a child?
How did you celebrate holidays?
What were your hobbies?
If you listened to music as a young person, what music did you like the most?
Did you go to college?
When did you move from your parents’ home?
When did you buy your first home or rent your first apartment?
When did you get married or have you always been single?
Do you have children? What are their names and birthdates? Do they live near you?
What do you remember about your children that you want them to know?
Do you have a religious affiliation?
Did you serve in the military? If you did, what do you remember about that experience?